Exhibitions - Kelley Batson-Howard: Abstracts in Chains

"Abstracts in Chains is a colorful series of acrylic paintings that examines all things chain with a little touch of Motown. On a much deeper level, this series is about recognizing the chains and limitations we put on ourselves or the chains we allow others to put on us that keep us from reaching our true potential.

My hope, as you view this exhibit and hopefully get a chuckle from their titles, is that you will think of the chains you wear and what holds you back. I hope it causes you to contemplate how to break those chains and how to feel the joy in the freedom that comes when you do. I hope it sends you on your own journey of self reflection and improvement. I hope it urges you to break the chains that bind you. In the meantime, dance and hear that tune in your head…Chain Chain Chain…."

--Kelley Batson-Howard