Exhibitions - Charlene Edwards: Africa - Birds, Beasts 'n Peeps

Africa — exotic, vibrant, dramatic, dangerous, a continent of astounding diversity that is life-changing. Charlene Edwards has spent about three years of her life journeying to some twenty African countries photographing this "dark continent." She feels a magnetic pull to keep returning to explore her home away from home. In her new photo exhibit "AFRICA - Birds, Beasts 'n Peeps" she shares images from her recent three months of travel in Angola and South Africa.

The ever-changing, breathtaking scenery is the perfect canvas on which to view a staggering variety of creatures and cultures. From dramatic landscapes to fascinating and welcoming Zulu villages and legendary wildlife — such as a rhinoceros looking as though she has lumbered into our time from some prehistoric era with her four-hour old baby or watching a gregarious cheetah family jumping and play-fighting a few feet away, or following a leopard ambling alongside the road, then it easily climbs fifty feet up a tree. This is Africa… always changing, always exciting, always challenging.