Exhibitions - Charlene Edwards: Africa - Birds, Beasts 'n Peeps

LCMA is excited to present the photography of Charlene Edwards. Edwards has spent about three years of her life journeying to some twenty African countries photographing this "dark continent." She feels a magnetic pull to keep returning to explore her home away from home — exotic, vibrant, dramatic, dangerous — a continent of astounding diversity that is life-changing. In her new photo exhibit "AFRICA - Birds, Beasts 'n Peeps" she shares images from her recent three months of travel in Angola and South Africa.

"The ever-changing, breathtaking scenery is the perfect canvas on which to view a staggering variety of creatures and cultures," says Edwards. "From dramatic landscapes to fascinating and welcoming Zulu villages to legendary wildlife. Scenes such as a rhinoceros looking as though she has lumbered into our time from some prehistoric era with her four-hour old baby or watching a gregarious cheetah family jumping and play-fighting a few feet away, or following a leopard ambling alongside the road, then it easily climbs fifty feet up a tree. This is Africa… always changing, always exciting, always challenging."

Edwards is a professional photographer, guest lecturer, award-winning author, world traveler, environmental advocate, and explorer. Edwards' work has appeared in magazines, newspapers, museums, and galleries including the Museum of Natural History, the International Center of Photography and most recently in the Umbrella Arts Gallery in NYC. More than 50 of her photos have been used by American pop artist Peter Max. She has also worked as the set photographer and photo-coordinator on the twelve-hour Ace Award winning documentary, The Class of the 20th Century.

Her honors include the America's Heroes Freedom Honor, ForeWord Magazine and Benjamin Franklin book awards, the Photography Book of the Year from the American Authors Association, and the Gold Book Award for best photography book from the Military Writers Association of America.

Meet the Artist: Charlene Edwards
Saturday, May 20, 2023 10:30 am

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