Events - Meet the Artist: KRE8

Meet the Artist: KRE8
Thursday, August 17, 2023, beginning at 5:30 pm.

Kevin "Kre8" Vigil is one of the fastest-rising Latino artists in the country. His artistic journey started as a graffiti artist, to becoming a tattoo artist, to 2017 when he immersed himself into his art, perfecting his mix of brightly colored modern abstract mixed with surrealism – a style he calls "Kre8ism." Kre8 uses black-and-white imagery to symbolize truth and lies in our world. Color, however, represents us while emphasizing the diversity and vibrancy that each individual brings to the world. Kre8's movement is one of inspiration, empowering individuals to chase their dreams.

"Within this collection, there is a world of Kre8tion. You will see a lifetime of trials and tribulations in which I formulated Kre8ism... It's the sheer perseverance and dedication that allowed my passion to speak for me. I am abstract in its purest form. I am obscure, and complex at the same time... The mind of a madman is visionary. Seeing what can't be seen. I will be the light that you need to pull you out of the dark. Because there is no darkness like ignorance." –KRE8

This evening is brought to you in partnership with the Park West Foundation and the Tavares Chamber of Commerce.

Thank you for making this event a huge success!